school cross guards in los angeles

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We keep our kids safe while crossing the streets.
We here at MPS Patrol Specialist have experienced School Crossguards in assisting children to get to school and home safely crossing our busy morning and afternoon streets. We know sometimes drivers are in a hurry and can sometimes not fully stop at stop signs and that is why a school crossguard at these busy times is so essential for our children. With MPS Patrol Specialist children’s safety is our number one concern and priority. Our school crossguards are trained, have a clean cut appearance and are professional in handling angry driver’s in the morning rush or after school busy traffic with so many parents coming at the same time to pick up their children.

School Crossguard Hired by MPS
Under the MPS Patrol Specialist direction, guards are hired, trained and supervised by MPS Patrol Specialist who also coordinate scheduling and posting of crossing guards at locations determined by the respective school districts throughout the cities. Please contact us for a free quote if you are looking to hire qualified, responsible cross guards for your private school or school district. We are not only qualified we also care and take pride in caring for children’s safety crossing the street to and from school.

School Crossguard In Rush Hour

We hear about a car accident involving a child too often on the news. Accidents that could have been avoided easily if the school or district would have had a school crossguard to help the children cross our busy roads. With all the budget cuts couldn’t we help you find an affordable way to protect our kids by helping them get to school safely. A crossguard is the easiest thing we can do to help and we care so much about our children’s well being. Our dedication to safety and security is our top priority. Call today for a free quote. We handle schools in the following areas; Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego County, Inland Empire, Santa Monica, South Bay, Pasadena, San Bernardino and surrounding areas.