Private Security

MPS Patrol Specialist is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We uphold all applicable State and Federal Civil rights laws. Candidates must be over 18 years of age, have all legally required certifications, a valid California State issued (BSIS) Guard Card, citizenship, reliable transportation and working cellular telephone. MPS Patrol Specialist employs only the most qualified and experienced applicants.
All applicants must submit to an interview process and be able to pass a drug screen and criminal background check.


MPS Patrol Specialist is a customer service oriented company committed to providing our clients with the very best in the industry. We utilizes an extensive screening process vetting each applicant. Our screening process is not a process of elimination, rather it is a process of selection. We search out candidates with the skill requirements needed for each and every job we are assigned.

Screening Process:

  • State license review
  • State registration and LiveScan fingerprinting
  • employment background check
  • Current criminal background check
  • Personal reference check
  • Drug screening (where applicable)
  • Psychological and honesty evaluation (where applicable)
  • DMV report (when required by contract)
  • Human Resource pre-qualification and evaluation interview
  • Interview by MPS Patrol Specialist Management
  • Test on verbal communication and writing skills
  • Verify credentials, education and military record
  • Proof of legal right to work
  • Client involvement and recommendations
  • Review of company standards and job specifications
  • Orientation testing and evaluation sessions
  • Physical evaluation for specific job description


None at this time but please email us your resume and we will keep it on file.