mobile security patrol

Mobile Security Patrol For Homes, HOA’S, Businesses, Churches, Construction Sites, Temporary or Ongoing.

MPS Patrol Specialist provide Mobile Security Patrol Services to our client’s personal homes, HOA’s, churches or businesses. Our mobile security patrol consist of patrolling your area to deter crime, provide parking enforcement, make security checks throughout the day or night.  Our mobile security patrol services are the best in the security business because we have been specializing in mobile security patrol since we started our business 16 years ago. Our clients safety and security is our number one priority. We can provide mobile security patrol anytime, in fact we offer night mobile security patrol for homes and businesses that need the extra security for the night hours.  We provide mobile security patrol throughout Southern California, including Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino, South Bay, Long Beach, Inland Empire, Riverside, San Diego Fresno and surrounding areas.   Our mobile security patrol provides more eyes to deter crime at your home, HOA, closed community, business, church, or construction site.  Our patrol guards are experts in the field and exemplify professionalism and courtesy.

Parking Enforcement

We provide mobile security patrol service to many commercial and residential customers throughout California.  When we patrol your location our guards are trained to look for anything suspicious, also to enforce parking details at your community.  Our parking enforcement has been one of our specialties since we started our business in 2000. We cover many HOA’s also known as Homeowners Associations where parking enforcement is a major part of the community running smoothly. By using MPS Patrol Specialist for your security patrol and parking enforcement you are joining many others that have entrusted us with the safety and security of your community. We take pride in our security services and our officers exemplify only the best and most professional service in all California.

Affordable Mobile Security Patrol

Our mobile security patrol is a cost effective security solution for residential property, HOA’s, Close Communities, Businesses, construction sites. Our security patrol offer a complete solution to property management companies. We have many years of experience securing property management properties and include parking enforcement to deter individuals from parking in other residents parking area or block emergency vehicle access, and most important to deter possible criminal activity. Our high presence of our mobile security patrol vehicles and officers lets the residence know that we are here to look out for any suspicious activity first and foremost. The safety of the individuals at our security patrol properties has always been and will continue to be our number one priority. MPS Patrol Specialist provides our patrol services to the following; HOA’s, apartment building or complexes, private residential homes, condominiums, commercial buildings, high rise commercial buildings, industrial building, manufacturing sites, construction sites, and property management properties.

MPS Patrol Specialist officers have the most extensive training and are the top officers in the industry. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction.

Bike Patrol

bicycle security patrol

We also offer bike patrol for some of our Mobile security patrol clients that request a bike for smaller areas where a patrol vehicle may not fit through some smaller parameters.  Or if you just prefer a bike instead of  or in addition to a mobile security vehicle.  We do have bikes available for large shopping areas and HOA’s where you may like to see more security in closer proximity.

Mobile Security Patrol Services Are Available For:

HOA’S Homeowners Associations
Safe List
Parking Enforcement
Permit Parking
Vehicle Patrol
Foot Patrol of Property
Gated Communities
Bike Patrol
Apartment Complexes

Don’t wait another day to call us and speak with us about your Mobile Security Patrol needs. We will customize your security services because we know not every business, Home, Church run the same way and each location is different. We believe in servicing our clients with the highest standards and our attention to detail is second to none. When it comes to security don’t put it off until “something happens.” We are affordable, professional and welcome your call.