executive security
Personal Bodyguard

Politicians, executives and other individuals whose wealth or status puts them in the public eye are in a high risk group for targeted crimes such as extortion and kidnapping. High-visibility persons such as yourself understand the value of reliable personal security, and so do we.

At MPS Patrol Specialist, we have become a leading force in personal security by offering a level of dedication and professionalism unmatched in the industry. Our personal bodyguard also known as our executive protection officers consist of our highest experienced and our off duty police officers.

Backed by an extensive network of security professionals and consultants, we take a preventative approach to security to lower the risk of a breach in the first place. Our mission is to provide you and your family with a safe environment in which you are free to engage in everyday activities without worry, and we pursue that goal with an unwavering commitment to your security.

We accept all assignments, regardless of risk or location. Although we are based in California, we offer our services throughout the world. Whether at a highly attended public event or in an unstable region in a foreign country, our highly-trained security experts are ready and equipped to handle all your security matters and any unforeseen concerns.

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